Tasneem Lohani (b. 1996) is from India. Her work is concerned with the issues revolving around Human interaction in the age of Digital communication. Human to human digital communications facilitated by social media and human to machine communication made possible by through interactive media built in our personal assistant systems are important points of inquiry. Recurring themes in her work are the politics of Human connections in the Digital Age, isolation by technology,  and Mental Health. She is fascinated with life in the urban city, what it means to be human today and the evolving dynamics of intimacy in human relationships. She interested in the contemporary experience of the Mind, Body and Voice in relation to our fundamental need for communication.


 She works with the mediums of Sound and Voice, video and GIF-making to think through their influence on the everyday human interaction online. She also makes Ink and watercolour paintings and drawings on paper employing meditative mark-making. Exploring the psyche that is affected by the various obsessions of the post-internet world.


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