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Shall We Perform?, 2019

Shall We Perform? explores Augmented Digital Personas and online behaviors that alter the perception of the offline world. And how the nature of human interaction to pop culture and entertainment media conjures digitized Para-social relationships*, that feel more real than they are. ​


Just after Christmas, I saw a Reindeer onesie at Primark (London) on a massive discount. I wondered if I could get a cool selfie with a Deer, while wearing a Reindeer onesie after myself being slightly transformed into a Deer. For me, this onesie is the manifestation of an online obsession with face filters to ‘cute-fy’ humans. I bought the onesie. I then journeyed to Richmond Park in London, in my onesie, to find a Deer. The audio recording narrates the story.

Para-social relationships* refer to a kind of psychological relationship experienced by members of an audience in their mediated encounters with certain performers in the mass media, particularly on television.

Stopped for a Popcorn break while searching for the Deers at Richmond Park, London, Shall We Perform?, 2019


Lost in Richmond Park, London with a Map in hand,

Shall We Perform?, 2019


Stopped for Selfie when I finally found the Deers at Richmond Park, London, Shall We Perform?, 2019

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