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You Are Nausea to Me

Living in an urban city, moving around in it. By train, the bus and sometimes walking. Meeting people but maybe not.  Talking to people and maybe not. 

London, UK   


01:03 pm Thu, Jan 23

 10:47 am Sun, Feb 23

02:13 pm Thu, Mar 12

11:39 pm Mon, Apr 6

03:40 pm Sun, May 3

05:17 pm, Thu, Jun 25

12:00 pm Wed, Jul 29

09:15 am Thu, Aug 20

00:00 am Fri, Sept 4

11:46 am Mon, Oct 5

05:50 pm Mon, Nov 30

This series of 12 sound pieces imagines a future sound-based social media and maps a sonic story of a person with Social Anxiety. It was made in London inspired by the people on subways and buses who seemed rather obsessively plugged into noise-cancelling headphones and sound emitting devices. It thinks through the effects an intimate digital voice speaking inside the human ear can have on our perception of social human interaction. Especially now, with tech giants focusing on voice-first technology for more efficient multitasking than before. To me, it appears that disassociation from the sound of real-life Humans around us in favour of curated sounds could alter our sense of communion and social behaviour possibly leading us to social anxiety and social isolation.

*The first work made for this series, Nausea, 2020, was born from my time at the One Book Residency by One Project, London. The series was made for the MFA Degree Show at Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston School of Art, London.

Tasneem Lohani, Install view of You are Nausea to Me from exhibition I Don’t Want to Die Alone at Stanley Picker Gallery, London, 2020 

Track playing on headphones: Lady on the Bus from You are Nausea to Me Series, Sound, 3m56s 

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